Other Tourist Places



Anegudde Vinayaka Temple:

One of famous temple of undivided South Kanara District. Located southern side of Kundapura on NH66 (From Kundapura Bus-stand 7 Km and Kundpura Station ~10 km). God Siddhi Vinayaka or Sarva Siddhi Pradaayaka will grant and fulfill his devotees’ wishes. People believe in him that he will solve their problems and hence the place is known as “Mukti Stalas” which means “Place where you can attain Salvation”. The garba griha or the main sanctum has the Lord Vinayaka in Chaturbuja (with 4 arms) in huge rock like structure covered in silver armour. Two arms are posing as “Varada Hasta” granting boons, and two hands indicate to attain salvation. There are many sculptures related to Bhargava Purana.

Arishna Gundi Waterfalls:

A scenic waterfall inside the deep jungle only approachable by trekking. Due to the special effect of the sun’s rays falling on the water droplets around the waterfall, it looks orange-yellow in colour and so the name is “Arishna” (Turmeric/Yellow).

Kodachadri Mountain:

In the Western Ghats Adi Sri Shakthi Mookambika Temple is on the top of the mountain believed to be the real abode of Devi from where Adi Shankara re-established it at the foothills at Kollur.

Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary:

Is aided by the World Wildlife Fund. This sanctuary is home to an endangered species called the Lion tailed monkey. Spread along the Kundapur-Kollur-Shimoga road, this sanctuary is generally off the tourist map.


Is famous for the temple of Goddess Chaudeshwari. It is situated at a distance of 45 km from Kollur where a diversion from Kollur-Shimoga Road has to be taken at Nagodi.